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RACE means race - regattas. So far we organise two ineternational reagattas ICCA and WPSC

International Coppers Cup Adria is regatta for Law Enforcement officers and their family. ICCA starts oin Adriatic sea back in 2015 after ICC committee in Holland decide to stop organizing ICC regatta which have a long tradition. We start a with hard work, and after all this years we are pleased teams are still returning, even more, a lot of new teams entered our events. Our goal is to keep that way and gather the teams from each continent.

World Police Sailing Championships - only Police officers can apply. WPSC have also some tradition like International Coppers Cup Adria (ICCA). So far WPSC was organized in Phuket, Solent, Hong Kong and the last two events was in Crioatia on Adriatic sea under our organisation.