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VIP sailing - Women's academy

Nothing, absolutely nothing to hear at first. The morning is waking up, the sea is like oil around the yacht. White rocks, green pines and green-blue sea. And it's blue - the sky. Only here and there any kind of cloud that predicts good weather. In the kitchen Šime is already making coffee, the cockpit table ready and the coffee is all arround the air.  From the distance a seagull chirps and voices grow louder from the salon: " Anybody knows where we woke up today?

"But on a Vip sailing, of course, good morning, and here you go," the captain said, smiling broadly ... Zdenia is already drinking coffee.

Soon the others join Zdenya and the conversation continues happily. Šime, however, is tireless and filling the table. He is glowing when one of the ladies compliments him on how well he did this and that, and how nice its looks on the plate. The captain immediately turns on the engine, "raises the anchor" and starts to sail to the horizon. Šolta is waiting for us, Brač and Hvar are waiting for us, the weather is wonderful, we shouldnt  waste our time.

The closer we get to Cape Ciovo, the more white is everything around us. And all sails sail in the same direction, it looks to Šolta. The captain decides whether left or right for quite some time. Those towards Šolta turn through the Split Gate, it is too far to reach a friend Rade because it is already evening, so we turn towards Stomorska. Dinner at the friends Marin taverna Turanj is worth the VIP sailing, the ladies are happy to take a walk around the village, have a little sitting in the cockpit, then nothing. Until morning.

Sunday. The engine starts early and yacht is heading to Bol on Brac. Zlatni rat is still lonely. It's nicer now than in a full season. However, the wind prevents us from swimming, so we hoist full sails over to the Jesla which we have chosen for our port for the next two days.


The Academy for Women is in full swing. Even after landing in Jelsa, the ladies led by Zdenia go out to do their program.

Dinner in Pelago with my friend Ivo and his lovely wife Maria was not good, but a great, and pleasant evening passed too soon.


Monday. The beautiful days continue, the program continues, and from time to time, "our" Šime "awakens again" and until the evening we watch him only to the waist ;-). Considering that weather it is heavy outside, we will sleep in Jelsa again, and for the ladies a tour of the town of Hvar will be organized, where a friendly taxi driver takes them. They come back smiling and relaxed - the trip was a success obviously . Tuesday is the last day of our gathering. All that is nice is mostly too short. We head to the Zlatni rat again, where  the ladies swim to the beach and absorb warm sunshine for some time. After the shower, refreshments are added, and the route is directed towards the Split Gate.

The wind rises directly to the head and waves too. The captain is a little worried, though he does not show it, but the ladies have no big problem with the big waves. Soon everything goes down almost to bonaca at the Split Gate. After the mouring We take a few more shots and the farewell is here.

Until next time, my dear ladies ...