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About SAIL

Our adventure starts in Dalmatia - Adriatic sea, one of the most beautifull seas on the world. Endlessness of islands, bays, beaches offers you unforgetable experience.

The best time for sailing in Adriatic sea is Spring and especialy Autumn. Stable weather, warm sea, calm days in secret bays, and crystal clear water return energy back to your body. We offer some common programs, already popular among our guests, or we can do some program especialy for you:  

  • ICCAsaiL: sailing with your friends and family,
  • TEAMsaiL: rediscover your bonds with Employees  and Coworkers
  • eXPLORe: discover your island
  • FITsaiL : sailing with your personal trainer
  • ViPSaiL: info@iccadria.com
  • SeaSoon: open the seasoon in april - info@iccadria.com