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Quiet and peacfully sailing with your friends arround Adriatic Islands, enyoj unforgetable sunsets, discover local specialities, taste natural (eco) wines.


If you want to eat good and fresh sea food, you can not just walk into any restaurant (konoba) and order a meal, lunch or dinner. For gourmet poetry on your plate you must know where to go. The same issue is with the wine. So why bother, we are here to do it, and we know where to do it. And you will have more time to seize the day. Taste Dalmatia like it was.

For all this programs we can offer you 4 to 7 days sailing trip, between Dalmatian coastal cities or islands. From lonely bays, through the most beautiful coastal old towns to bigger cities like Zadar, Split or Dubrovnik.

Just ask for your offer we will do it just the way you want...