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ICCA trips

Or how to "catch an ICCA venue" on the most simlpe way ?

Well you can do it by yourself, with plane directly to the nearest airport. But just until you dont try ICCA trips. Why not combine ICCA racing with few days relaxing ICCA trip to the most beautifull places in Slovenia and Croatia.

What we are talking about? Imagine this:

You will still have a flight from your home airport to one of following airports: Ljubljana, Zagreb, Graz or Vienna. Bus (or shuttle) will wait for you there and transfer to Prekmurje region in Slovenia. Next day you will travel through this mistical area from one place to another, knowing the lowland with endless fields of  wheats, and hills with endless vineyards. Excelent food and wines, beautifull views, simple and kind people will follow you on every step. Next few days you will spend explorirng Slovenia natural landmarks, cities, and other must see places. On Saturday morning transfer will be organized to the venue of the ICCA events. So lets start with trips, give us a chance, you will not regret it, we are sure about that.


Must see in sLOVEnia:

- Ljubljana
Park Postonjska jama
- Rogaška Slatina and Steklarna Rogaška
- Bled
- Bohinj
- Prekmurje

and much more...