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WPSC 2018

Decision is made. We are going back to the roots. We all have beautifull memories abot Murter island, so decision was not that hard as it seems...

Now a few facts:
2. WHEN:.......22th September to  29th September 2018
3. BOATS:......Bavaria 41 C 2016/17 with gennaker (see attachments) 
4. FEE:..........no changes from ICCA 2017
5. ENTRY:......send your Initial enrolment and do the first payment 
6. PROGRAM:...world championship is about sailing, so NO  karaoke and relay games in the pool, just ​a lot of ​ legs ​ ;-) .

​Sunday will be training day, all other the same like always from Monday to Friday ​ 5 days races. ​Price includes boat + dinners on Saturday, Sunday, ​Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. On Wednesday​ there is no dinner you will have free evening.​ 

N​ow we have 16 Initial enrolments here, so only 4 boats remains. If we will have more entries then 20, we will put those teams on reserve list, anyhow we will try to find some more boats (the same Bavaria 41 C) in other marinas, but they will charge additional fee for berths - we will see about that latter.
So after your IE and first payment you are on the list for WPSC 2018. Don´t forget to consider about "ICCA Trips" before the WPSC - you wont regret it, believe me. In the attachment there is 5 day program, but we are already preparing shorter one too.