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About SAIL

Our adventure starts in Dalmatia - Adriatic sea, one of the most beautifull seas on the world. 

Endlessness of islands, bays, beaches offers you unforgetable experience.

The best time for sailing in Adriatic sea is Spring and especialy Autumn. Stable weather, warm sea, calm days in secret bays, and crystal clear water return energy back to your body.

We offer some common programs, already popular among our guests, or we can do some program especialy for you:

- Sea opening - with our partners we are offering four days on the sea in april which is combine event.  Internal regata - sailing and a lot of other activities during the day ending with evening party, pirate evening - dance in mask etc. For young, and young at hearth you will sure find something for yourself here.

Carpe Diem Quiet and peacfully sailing with your family and friends arround Adriatic Islands, enyoj unforgetable sunsets, discover local specialities, taste natural  (eco) wines . If you want to eat good and fresh sea food, you can not just walk into any restaurant (konoba) and order a meal, lunch or dinner. For gourmet poetry on your plate you must know where to go. The same issue is with the wine...So why bother, we are here to do it, and we know where to do it. And you will have more time to seize the day. Taste Dalmatia like it was...

- Sail the "real deal", sail like real sailors did -  let adrenalin raise in your veins, let the wind blows through your hair. From coast to islands, and from islands back to coast. Event is organized ussualy in October its much more like Carpe Diem, but for more experienced sailors who want more sailing then other activities.

- T-FIT sailing is another sailing dimension, sail with your own highly qualified personal trainer,  sailing with body training, meditation and healthy way of living.

- X-PLORE discover your secret island, from the sea, and land. Hike to the best view, cycle to the farthest bay, climb to the highest mountain