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FIT sailing (en)

Sail with your personal trainer.

Be it on a lake or on the sea, sailing helps you improve your health and physical condition. But sailing in combination with the T-FIT programme helps you gain even more, through various exercises and workshops. FIT-SAILING is really something special.


FIT SAILING helps you improve:

  • The strength of your whole body and your overall endurance: besides sailing (rope pulling, holding the rudder, raising sail) you will also perform a full-body workout both on the boat and on the shore. The emphasis is on the correct performance of individual exercises. 
  • General condition (cardio fitness): cardio exercises performed on the sea are more beneficial because the air is cleaner and contains more oxygen. This improves cardiovascular health, and reduces the risk of hypertension, obesity and heart disease. Cardio exercises included in the programme are walking, jogging, cycling and swimming (water games, etc.). 
  • Mental clarity: on and by water our mood quickly improves, not only because of the water, but because of the salt in the air. Salt provides many positive ions, which help the absorption of oxygen in the body, and balance the increase in the level of serotonin. Balanced serotonin in the body increases our happiness. The programme also includes guided meditation, as this is an excellent environment for it. 
  • Stress reduction: waves lapping against the boat, rhythmic sounds of movement on the water, the sound of wind, the sun, and fresh air affect the tuning of brain waves, and enable us to become more relaxed and calm. When all of this is combined with simple breathing exercises we can experience an even deeper calmness. 
  • Body agility: different sailing tasks (rope pulling, raising sails) help us improve body coordination and motor functions. We will add various coordination and mobility exercises that can be performed on the boat and on the shore. 
  • Concentration improvement: people who are chronically exhausted because of too many daily tasks should develop deep concentration. We will help you develop it through different techniques and exercises. 
  • Communication skills improvement: to effectively control a boat, the captain and his team must function as a whole. To achieve this, they must all learn how to communicate effectively and non-verbally. 
  • Spatial perception: sailing requires that participants be aware of the size of the boat, the available room to manoeuvre, and the sailing and docking of the boat. 
  • Organisational skills: after being exposed to all FIT-SAILING challenges, the experience and knowledge gained will reflect in your daily life, and will contribute to a healthy lifestyle; this experience will make your life fuller and improve its quality.




  • Stability and balance training exercises
  • Full-body strength with emphasis on correct performance of the exercises
  • Exercises that help improve core strength
  • Aerobic activity (walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, diving)

Topic 2: FOOD

  • A healthy diet: What to eat and not eat?
  • Dietary supplements: Are they necessary? Which ones?
  • Healthy meal preparation (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks)


  • Our external and internal life
  • Proper breathing techniques
  • Exercises to increase and improve concentration
  • What is meditation and why should it be part of our lives? Basic exercises.

All topics are carried out more or less every day. Below we provide an example of a daily schedule, which can be adjusted according to the crew’s wishes and current conditions (weather, willingness of the participants, time).

  • Morning full-body stretching and awakening (sun salutation)
  • Short meditation
  • Morning exercise
  • Healthy breakfast preparation
  • The division of tasks to the crew
  • Sailing
  • Healthy lunch preparation
  • Games and other sporting activities
  • Sailing
  • Healthy dinner preparation
  • Short meditation
  • Sleep



- Tomaž Pivec, NCSF professional personal trainer, master of Ju-jitsu and karate, self-defense instructor, a longtime runner and ultramarathon and meditation teacher ..