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About Us

Iccadria is Adriatic Sea based agency that offers adventures on the Adriatic sea, one of the most beautifull seas on the world. In our SAIL, RACE, LIVE programs everyone can find something to enjoy, relax or raise your adrenalin level. It’s up to you.

Just call 00 386 41 715 204 or contact us via mail info@iccadria.com, we will do everything else...


With over 20 years sailing experience our highly trained skippers will safely guide you through one of the most beautifull seas on the planet. We develop a different programs like SAIL, RACE and LIVE with us.


  • Iccasail: sailing with your family and friends,
  • Team sailing: team building sailing, upgrade collective spirit in your company
  • Xplore: explore your insland completely
  • FIT sailing: sail with you personal trainer


RACE (regattas)

  • ICCA: International CoppersCup Adria
  • WPSC: World Police Sailing Championship


LIVE (recommends): in construction

  • quality,
  • hospitality,
  • speciality and more ....