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After 26 years the ICC regatta in 2015 moves from Holland to the Adriatic sea becoming ICCA – International Cooppers Cup Adria!  SPSTeam (Slovenian Police Sailing Team) reorganized to Slovenija Police Sailing Team to compete, and Iccadria to organize events.

We are sure we will continue the good tradition, competition and friendship with all old friends, and also new friends, who are joining the family every year.

Franjo Stančin



The Interpol Coppers' Cup was an international sailing regatta for members of law enforcement agencies. Since its existence 13 sailing races were successfully organized. The IJsselmeer in the Netherlands was always the venue for the regatta.

In 1988 a small group of participants in a Dutch national sailing regatta discussed the idea of organizing international sailing races. Among those sailors were colleagues of the Dutch National Crime Intelligence Service, also acting as the national Central Bureau Interpol, the municipal police of Hoorn and the waterpolice of Enkhuizen. The outcome of the discussions was the organization of the first Interpol Coppers' Cup in 1989.

The races
The ICC organized sailing races every other year on the Ijsselmeer in the Netherlands. Teams were consisting of 4-5 persons. The last few years the field of more than 25 boats was dived in a Silver and a Gold Class. In total the ICC Foundation organized 13 regatta’s. After the one in 2013, the Foundation was put to a stop.

The objectives of the ICC Foundation were:
  - to organize international sailing races for members of law enforcement agencies;
  - to promote the contacts between all persons involved with the ICC;
  - to promote sailing and sailing-races in general.

Angélique van Campen
ICC commitee