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ICCA 2017

Saturday 23.09.2017

Chaotic day with a lot of rush, really  crowded etc. Problems are always around, but we solved everything on the end. I was relieved when the last crew Griffins finally arrived. Then the evening became like it should be. Great black risotto, wine and a good company cause the evening passed fast. Klapa Bunari helped us to stay late….



Sunday 24.09.2017

Wake up to very beautiful morning with sun and some clouds. Wind above 10 knots was very enjoyable, and after the race big smile was on all faces. Slovenija SPT won in front of Wish (Norway) and Lucerne (Swizerland). The dinner was great, tasty and stuff very pleasant and professional. Big thanks to marina Kornati restaurant.

Monday 25.09.2017

Rainy night and rainy morning - typical English weather sais Tracey, and her team rises like Phoenix that day. So two sticks were finished, some want to continue, but race was ended for that day. World champions Luzerne PST won that day, followed by PSNI 1 and Pacific. In the evening some nice ladies from KUD kralja Tomislava Biograd, sang some folk songs. Then Pasta time…. A lot of pasta and risotto. After the dinner, our friend Conor O'Byrne, from team An garda Siochana present us his 11. months sailing around the world. WOW it was….something. Not try that at home. LINK

​Tuesday - Friday

No more English weather, just sun and hmmm no winds at the morning. Race officer Franjo decide to wait afternoon winds. The weather was nice to use and every day until the end, we have enough winds to sail. Wednesday, well we end the day at the pool, where almost all teams participate in pool relay games. 50 m swimming, 50 m stand up paddling and 50 rowing was perfect end of the fine day. Some jump into the pool in clothes too… Thursday was very much like day before, except Karaoke contest, well that night was a little bit longer I think. Finally, Friday arrives; last race and Slovenian won the first technical race in the history. They were very happy about that and loud too. Congratulation guys. At the evening, all went to Arsenal Zadar to dinner and prize giving ceremony. It was fabulous evening with a good food, a lot of emotions and applauses, hugs and stuff… Some problems at the end with busses were solved quickly.

So we are relaxed everything was going without and injuries, hardly waiting to meet you all again in future. Have a calm sea, good winds, and two fingers of the sea under the keel until then.

ICCA committee